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@ATJogia: This isn’t my throne, this is the throne from the Ten Commandments… Where is my throne? #gamesofthrones #notafungame

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ft topo iggy

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you okay Jerry?

source: found on bing but couldn’t get to the website with the picture

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victorious rewatch - 2x01

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So everybody’s nudes are been leaking
*coughs* Avan plz

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Avan Jogia - Reel Works bloopers

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Hi, on the Tut section of the Spiketv website, there are press contact names. I sent an email to these names mentioning some avenues 4publicity they may not be considering. I mentioned your tumblr site & avoon-killer-jogia as great Avan fansites to reach out to. Mentioned that u have international following to notice Tut. So, hopefully, they take my advice & reach out 2 you. I mentioned to have Avan & Kylie interview 2gether. (like Cambio, Young Hollywood Behind the Scenes vids) DimplesVal

omg thanks you so much, it means a lot to me, even if they don’t take your advice, it means so much to me you took the time to send the message & again, thanks you much! (btw, the interview is great idea and I hope they listen to you) :)

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I was walking and I found this friend. 👌

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You don’t even see it, do you?

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Avan looks handsome in my icon

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I feel tiny today

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