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The most stupid thing I has ever done was send an anon love letter to this guy and he was super nice to me and he sent me a song and everything and he just tweeted the lyrics of that song and I’m crying.

"Glad to be on the team, guys. By the way, do you know if our captain had a reason to commit murder?"

Zayn Malik is God’s best masterpiece.


@ATJogia: Me and my @dogsbreakfasttv shirt. Thanks @gabrielcarter4.


Thanks to the 3 of you as well.

Got a break in shooting and just hearing the news myself that Twisted has been officially canceled. Thanks for sticking with us through this long process of awaiting it’s fate and want to thank everyone who invested their time in the show. We had an unbelievably memorable time making it. Much love to our wonderful cast and crew and to you the viewers who showed us such amazing support.

— Avan Jogia

make me choose
↳ anonymous asked: twisted or pretty little liars


Twisted was cancelled and I think we all saw this coming.
First, I honestly just watched it cus of Avan but I enjoyed the serie, the first part of the season was really good but we can be agree the second part wasn’t that good.

things I loved about twisted

*Avan: Obviously.

*Kylie: She is the sweetest human being, she is just not beautiful but really talented and I really hope to see her more because I honestly enjoyed her job in twisted (you all should watch ‘prom’ too cus she is amazing there).

*Maddie: She is extremely talented, I honestly think she did a really good job (like the scene she did when Jo tell her mom she had sex for the first time and she regrets, is really touching). She is so beautiful and sassy and she just filmed a movie and going to film another one and I can’t wait to see her.

*RICO: I like Ashton as well but I don’t know too much about him but I want to say Rico was my favorite character, he was so awkward and good friend and he was my favorite honestly and he is the only character I will truly miss.

*JANNY: I know this ship wasn’t really popular, but maybe is because i’m 16 and if I see an awkward 16 girl in love with his best friend, I think is cute. I though they were really cute together and honestly I hated how in the end suddenly Danny is into Jo but I honestly enjoyed their friendship so yeah.

*GREYDAMON: He is my favorite person ever, he is honestly so sweet and nice to everybody and I’m glad twisted introduced me to him.

*JACKFALAHEE: He is really handsome and talented and I just want to see him more and I hope Avan and Jack realize they should get married.

*BRIANNEHOWEY: She is super cute and she is like so so nice and I just want to hug her, she is so sweet.

things I hated about twisted

the second part of the season: I wanted more Lacey, and yeah more Lacey. The director was pretty child and used to be very immature in twitter when people asked for more Lacey. Oh & too much Jo, I loved Jo and I loved to see Maddie’s face but too much Jo. I would rant more but I don’t feel like doing it.

Some people were really rude, if you weren’t agree with them, they insult you, they insulted you for anything. I honestly stopped talking about twisted here cus people attack you, it was pretty ridiculous. What annoyed me the most was the tag thing, the janny tag was full of hate and some people were like I’m doing it on porpouse to annoy the janny fandom and if someone posted something about Jo in the danny/lacey tag, prepare yourself cus everybody was going to insult you. The fandom got worst when some people started hating on Kylie and Ashton, and then Avan got hate cus he linked a picture of Danny and Lacey and people were like he is trying to make people watch his serie and lying to us, it was so ridiculous and I want to rant more but nah.


*THE FANDOM: Yeah, I just ranted about the fandom but the fandom wasn’t that bad. I met awesome people and I learned a lot.
I honestly wanted to thanks everybody that was nice to me and taught me something.
I remember once I said why people was so mad at Ashton cus he said the “n” word and a really nice person told me is so wrong to say it and even explained to me how it started (the story of the word) and why I should never say it (I live in another country so I had no idea).
Then why Lacey is so important to many people, I remember I read about a girl explaining why she loved the character of Lacey and she said something about how much she wanted to act but because of her color skin, people didn’t give her the opportunitty and a lot of stories. Some people were rude but all of them had a story behind them and is was nice to see and learn why Kylie was so important to them, to see a black girl being one of the main characters, it was really touching to read some of the stories and I want to thanks twisted and specially the fandom to give me the chance to understand why is so important to see more POC in the screen (and in general) I’m 16, I’m young and I have a lot of things to understand and learn and I feel I learnt a lot because of the twisted fandom.


I’m not sad or happy because is over, Avan have 3 movies coming and a new mini-serie and I’m happy for him. I’ll miss to see the twisted trio together but I’m sure I’ll see them again cus they are truly talented and again, thanks to all of you for being so nice to me and take the time to message me and teach me something new. It honestly means so much to me. It was good while it lasted.
I doubt someone read this but If you did, I appreciate it, and again THANKS.