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can you guys PLEASE, report this guy in facebook.

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can we talk about Matt Bennet twitter?

*still waiting for Avan to tweet something to Liz for her birthday*

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I see all those people that want to help in Africa and I remember a story about how a woman went to Africa to follow mother Teresa of Calcutta cus she wanted to help her to feed the kids and give money and etc and mother Teresa got all mad and she said something like “You know there’s kids dying in your country as well? why come here when you can help people in your country? Before help in another country make sure your country doesn’t need help” and I think that’s important.

Avan Jogia photographed by Stefania Rosini

@jogia Dark Entries.

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I love your blog so much Avan is so freaking gorgeous! He has the kind of beauty that when I first was him in a Victorious commercial I had to know who it was! I know this may sound weird but I was so happy to when I found out he was half Indian! it's nice to see more colored people getting recognition in Hollywood!

thanks you so much! and same here, honestly I used to dont find him attractive at all but he is truly talented so that changed and yeah, is always good to see people of color in my tv :)

bless this blog bless avan bless you bye


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friendzzzzz follow her :)